Cloud & Mobility

Cloud Services

Swartek assists you in harnessing the ultimate power of digital evolution that is Cloud to enhance the operational efficiency, increase agility, smarten the decision making, better the customer relationships and create new opportunities for your organization.

Our Cloud Services and Solutions

  • Right from choosing the ideal cloud platform, we lay out the perfect plan of the “cloud journey” for your business organization
  • We assist you in identifying what’s the best strategy to proceed after a deep study of your business operations, targets, and resources
  • After opting for the ideal cloud strategy and platform, we help you construct and manage the best suited cloud infrastructure for your business
  • We assist you in choosing the ideal applications and also help you in transforming the applications on your choice among different platforms of cloud. This process includes hosting and developing the applications.


A few of the many benefits you reap with Cloud solutions are

  • Accurate scaling, efficient management and utilization of the IT resources
  • Seamless virtual work environment for the employees
  • Agile operations and desirable cost control
  • Achievement of targeted ROI
  • Scope for dynamic growth and agile adaptability


The competitive world of Enterprises calls for Smart Speed in order for the organizations to succeed and achieve the desirable targets. This means that the flow of information between the individual employees, across the organization along with the communication between the company and the customer must be fast as well as effective. At Swartek, we understand the needs and the significance of effective communication and connectivity for any kind of business organization and we offer top class Mobility Services and Solutions for clients to enhance the same.

The interactions and communication across the organization is as important as the customer engagements so that the productivity is not hampered during real-time engagements. We help you find the right balance between the both of them and make sure these both happen seamlessly.

Our mobility services and solutions for your organization would enhance the employee communications which in turn increases the operational efficiency. Along with that we integrate effective solutions to facilitate easy access to vital information related to operations and executions of organization anywhere at any time for employees.

And last but not the least, we ensure your organization offers top notch customer experience directly as well as virtually allowing them to access the information of services and products with ease.