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I have been looking for menu plans for ww for a while, if you could e-mail it to me it would greatly appreciated. This was the only way I have ever lost any weight, counting this and that doesn't work for me ......getting desperate now. Just watch out for the butter, sour cream etc. Lost 70lbs on it!! Have posted a couple times on this site because all of the posts ì have read are so promising but have yet to receive any information on the earlier ww programs that I am interested in and the only ones that worked for me. Also, doctors treating my diabetes have stated that if someone eats more veggies, and fruit, and less meat, it will be good for the diabetes, as well as shedding weight. If you can help I would appreciate it. I've had a steady weight gain since about October causing me great concern. If you join WW now, you have to track online or on your phone, and you have to accept their calculations of point values. The points system does not teach healthy eating habits. Have been looking for it for a long time. I have tried other diets and they just don't work. Thanks. I never got rid of my 1992 WW portfolio with every plan and all the meal trackers. Thank you so very much. Thank you, Hi Kristina, dried bread crumbs, 2Tbps. I lost 80 I have attached a PDF of the tracker. Thanks so much. I found my lifetime Membership Book from 1991 and a meal Planner/Daily Tracker Sheet (7 day) today. I loved the old revised original WW plan of 1973. After Nidetch's original diet plan, Weight Watchers evolved into a program that was a little more flexible. Why don't you tell your leader that you are having trouble. It's surprising WW moved on and left this plan behind. I have taken pictures of my original Weight Watchers Food Lists and also have it in one PDF file. So straightforward and simple. Thank you Weight Watchers used to do the exchange system, but has since changed to the point system. I think I will give this a try. Have you got copies of weekly food menus would appreciate any help I can get, Always lost weight on this exchange diet. Carbs protein veg etc. Could I please get a copy of the Weight Watchers - very simple plan that was around in the 1980 and was a six week plan. Milk 2, fruit 3, brd 2 for wk 1 then it goes to 3, veg 2 or more, fats 3, protein 6-8, we had extra calories to use 150 per day. Please let me know. Would be happy to hear back. Any ideas? Would send copies but am technically challenged. Eileen (NJDOLL2424 @YAHOO.COM), Hello! 1986 WW menu would be welcomed email to devatony80@gmail.com. Is it working? Thanks again. I would really like a copy of the 1990s PDF of the weight watchers diet. Kristina - can you please email me any info you have on any of the 1990's WW plans. tikane48@gmail.com, Hello, i am confused as to how many oz of protein based on above.. i too did the original and lost the most amount of weight using this. I had my original book up until a few months ago :0(, Could you kindly send me the original WW program? It also helps then sign up new members to keep recent and members wanting the latest plans. It was the WW Plan I encountered when first attending WW back in the early 1990s. FISH=MINIMUM=3 PER WEEK ,CHEESE= NO MORE THAN 4OZ. I am so glad I kept my papers as well and have taken photos and put them into a PDF file that can be attached in an email to anyone. Tops plan still offers the exchange system identical to the old WW ones. My email is merryldk@gmail.com. I'm about to start the original WW plan too. Girl name Lisa that replied said she had all the manuals....I love weight watchers, the old plan is the best for me and easy to follow. The allowed fruits listed here actually are only the Vitamin C fruit required. hard cheese or 2 eggs ,all you want of unlimited vegs. Oh, what joy to find the original diet plan AND the food tracker. I would really love the old Weight Watchers menu plans. Please send what you can. Would you please email your food list or the PDF file to me.. I used it many years ago but I lost it when I moved. Please send me weeks 1-10. I will post it if you want. I agree with Pookarina, I am getting to the point where it is "take me or leave me.". Going to give it a shot again starting Monday. for a whole cup. Thanks. There is a food tracker sheet here: I'm 17 stone 2lbs and have set a goal weight of 12 stone in agreement with my doctor and have begun this amazing plan. Tikane48@gmail.com. On those nights that you absolutely MUST have something to eat after your time limit has expired, limit your choices to vegetables only. If you still have those pdfs please forward to me. I too lost a lot of wt. I lost 30 pounds back in 19 70 after I quit smoking. its the only diet that works for me. Thanks, Julie! Does anyone have the old weight watcher plan from 1998-1999. I have been looking all over for these. However, this link might give you a more in depth start This one did and was easy to follow without having to have a fridge full of different food stuffs. Outlined below is my Weight Watchers Weekly Meal Plan Menu – Week 1/1/18. I agree with Judy McDonough. If possible, I would so appreciate having any info you might have from way back, since I am a granny who goes way back!!! Does anyone please have the booklet scanned and the food diary? Thank you! I have searched the internet but they keep you going round and round. Please send me the old weight watchers programme. Hi can you send me you old program foodlist? I am so glad I kept my papers as well and have taken photos and put them into the attached PDF file that can be sent to anyone. Would you please send me the old weight watchers programme information . Do you have thus information that you can email? About the same calories. can you please send the ww diet plans for the 80/90's. Also, in the 1960's, there were no floating choices, or 750 extra calories. Thanks a bunch! Many thanks. cottage cheese or4oz. As I recall, in the 70s, prior to their point and/or exchange system, the list of restricted veggies included starchy ones, such as peas, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, all legumes, yellow squash including pumpkin, beets. All they talk about is the new points program and it doesn't help at all. January 2015 Thanks for hearing me out and if anyone can help thanks again. The one above looks similar. This is the version that worked for me. Hi Kristina, I know I so wish I still had my original weight watchers book too. We ate 2 oz of water-packed tuna at breakfastalong with one-half grapefruit, black coffee, and 1slice of whole wheat bread. Thank you. I signed in days ago, but every time I sign in to get the free food list red letters come up that say "Email is already subscribed".......ME. The little booklet type I think it was or pamphlet. After visiting the dietitian/diabetes counselor I loosened up, and stopped losing weight. I would love a copy or pdf weight watcher.thank you. And like any habit, it can be conquered, if you have the will and drive to get started. Thank you!!! I would love to have a copy of the Quick Start Plain emailed to me please, I would love to have a copy of the Quick Start Plain emailed to me please, I would like a copy also. Hi Karen! thank you! I’d so appreciate it. I would love just a copy of that "weekly" sample again. WW meal plans for weight loss. I was successful and found it very easy. Can you please help me out by emailing any info you have from the old food plan? Thank you for sharing this! Any suggestions on that? If anyone else has these older plans that can be emailed I would love them gmmunj@yahoo.com. I am not sure if this will help but you might just check out http://www.diabeticconnect.com It has recipes and guidelines and all kinds of recipes for diabetics and healthy eating and weight loss info. thank you! sounds fun! The more options everyone has, the greater chances for success. Hope to see you there! February 2013, A lot of people have expressed dissatisfaction with the new, our personal endeavors to shed a few pounds. ? I would love to have the list of allowables/exchanges. So don't feel like you have to completely deprive yourself of sweets. Thanks for your comment, Mary! Last year when I moved I had aloof weight to lose. Lifestyle eating is a good way to put it. I'm with you! I was so glad to find this site and spent the last week working SO hard at trying to follow the old program which worked great so many decades ago. Same for veggies and starches. Very interested in getting the Weight Watchers PDF Meal Plans from 1975. Hi, Tish. Each week, you may have up to 21 Personal Selections. I couldn't We're glad you found us, too! Tea, Hi Kristina could you please email me the original plan from the 1990's. I know the book is here somewhere in my house. You can get back on track - we're sure of it. It's a shame that we can't access the Weight Watcher plan archives. I was wondering if this pdf has ever been shared? What kind of bread do you buy for the old program? We made jello from diet pop and whipped skim milk in to make a mousse, put it back in the fridge to set. I am looking for an old chart to check off my daily food exchanges. Thanking you in advance I suffered a stroke due to an injury and not able to exercise like I was able to before. I am in desperate need to lose weight as I did back in 1992. I have the points system and it just doesn't work with me. So glad to find this site...Thank you for the "original" WW..i lost 45 lbs years ago and kept if off for a long time...i have gone to the new ww program and just can't wrap my mind around it...i like the simple plan alot better... Linda. So thankful I found your websitem. Thank you. But in fact it almost always turned out to be 24-26 points unless you were very obese then it went up to 29-30 points per day. hahaha But the WW Original plan didn't provide loopholes and kept me on track so I saw success! vegetables 2 exchanges dailly =1/2 raw or cooked broccoli cabbage carrots cauliflower celery, cucumbers lettuce,mushrooms onoins peppers,pimentos,radishes scallions,spinach tomatoes, zuccini asparagus bean sprouts eggplant pumpkin pickles turnips....NOTE starchy vegetables such as peas, potatoes winter squash corn must be counted as bread exchanges optional calories per 1 exchange fruit=50, milk=90, bread=80,fat=40,protein=70, vegetables=30 daily =50calories, twice a week up to 100 calories daily weekly total up to 550 calories 10 calorie foods anchovies 1tsp,bacon bits 1tsp,bouillon 1 cube,bread crumbs1tsp,broth and seasoning mix 1pket broth cannedor fat free homemade 1/4 c,cottage cheese 2tsp,hard grated 1tsp,chewing gum 1 stick clam juice 1/4c,cocoa 2tsp.coconut 1tsp,corn starch1tsp egg white1/2,creamer1tsp,flour1tsp,hoison sauce 1tsp, honey 1/2tsp ketchup2tsp,olives2 ,oyster sauce1tsp pickle relish1tsp, caraway, poppy, pumpkin ,sesame,sunflower seeds all1/2tsp sugar all variaties 1/2tsp,sweet relish 1tsp,tapioca uncooked 1tsp,toppings 1/2tsp,wine any type 2tsp 50 calorie foods bread=1/2 exchange fat=1 exchange fruit=1 exchange milk =1/2 exchange protein=1 exchange diet foods =50 calories jams jellies and preserves 1tbsp, sauces[ barbecue chili,cocktail steak]3tbsp,tomato paste 1/4c,tomato puree or sauce 1/2c, whipped topping dairy or non dairy 1/4c 100 calorie foods avacado 1/4 [2oz with skin] beer 1c,coleslaw 1/2c,gelatin 1/2c,whole milk 1/2c,wine or champagne 4oz or 1/2c light=6 fluidoz or 1c. When can I expect this? I finally decided to just be happy theway I was...and I've made it to 75...so far. I am very interested in sharing in an online support group for weight loss on weight loss , recipes,and ongoing goals to help achieve it. Meal plans and weight loss tools Scroll down for sample 1-day meal plans complete with SmartPoint (SP) values, whichever colour you choose. Still think that is the best version to learn portion control. I know the exchange plan is based on a diabetic diet. It was the only "diet" that I was able to to do since I am the type of person that needs to be very strict. Thx so much, Hi there, I am looking for the quick-start plus booklets. Success with the Plus program was short lived.. What I am now looking for our the actual 2 weeks diet/menu plan that takes you what to eat. I would love a copy also, I’ve been looking for this particular WW diet, for years. And we're glad to have you here! I was so successful on that easy plan. Rachel. Richard Simmons old Deal a Meal also was an exchange plan mostly the same. Sugar substitute isOK.In the evening, (before 6pm), we were allowed to have the other 3-4 oz of that can of water-packedtuna fish, 1 slice of whole wheat bread, the other half of grapefruit, a green salad with 1 tsp olive oil and 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, hot tea or coffee. The new point program is not for me I have gained weight. I have original personal choice plan I have been looking for the 1980s Weight Watchers exchanges booklet. What kind of cereal do you eat? I have searched so long for the original WW plans. I have been looking for this info for a long time. I would also like the info from that flip chart from the 90's and the SuperStart info. You posted you have the entire program of the WW program of the 90's. I have just had major surgery and this is now my tipping point. I do not have the data from that far back and I don't think the WW frozen foods have those exchanges on them any more. Hey everyone! Hope you can help with providing the weightwatchers diet plan for the 90s. Omg. So glad you found what you needed! Now I make it with 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, and 2 oz cheese and it is really good. My first WW meeting was over 40 years ago...The Leader was Mimi Ackerman..I have never forgotten her name..The food plan and all instructions was printed on a pink card about 3x8 inches (maybe 3 x 10 inches).....It was the best and my weight stayed off for quite a while...Now I would like to drop about 40 lps....So excited when I found the old food plan that Jean N. was smart enough to make public..If there is anything you can tell me to help I would so appreciate it.... Had a food listing years ago, but can no longer access would really appreciate it, thank you. Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag Samstag Sonntag; Frühstück: Weight Watchers Müsli mit Rosinen und Äpfeln (entspricht 4 ProPoints): Frühstücksshake / Smoothie zum WW Shake: Belegtes Brötchen mit Schinken (5 Pro Points gesamt - 4 Points für das Brötchen und 1 … I don't think there is a direct conversion, because the points are based on calories and fat and fiber. My email is Hlebelkittle @aol.com. What an amazing person you must be!!! And I am so very sorry that I threw out all my old Weight Watchers books. Please email me a copy of the original WW plan. I quit going and want to get back to basics and what actually works!! 2. Thank you! Once it was changed to the Points system it was impossible for me to follow being that I hate numbers and math. Drizzzle a little syrup over the top when you put it on your plate. The old Weight Watchers diet worked for me. Then after my last child I am not able to get to lose the weight and I just continue to gain. I have been looking for years to get this so I am hoping that this site will help. i am starting it again this year because it is a plan that works. Thank you for the chance to have the original weight watcher's diet. From what remember the original plan allowed 3-4 ounces of meat for lunch and 4-6 ounces for dinner.2 dairy ,2breads and 3 fruits and 3 fats per day. I do not recall a plan that ever allowed that much protein PLUS 7 floaters and 750 optional calories. Jackie If you go on Richard Simmons web site you can get a similar print out of an exchange system journal sheet and it has boxes too. Have a happy day! I would like the WW food lists and any other information on the 90's program. If you want them, email me at vhcrna@gmail.com 4-16-2017. And yes you could always substitute for the many fish meals if you could not stand fish, but you had to have less volume of the alternate protein in order to keep the calories the same. I am so relieved that I found this website. I like that I had this option and pick and go it was more successful for me. My mom lost 30 pounds on it and has kept it off her whole life. It worked well, and I still follow those guideline. If you would send a copy of that PDF it would be much appreciated. Since then i've been trying to lose weight. I would love a copy of this program I worked like a charm. Now that I'm in my 60's have gained 20 lbs and need to go back on the plan and it worked for me years ago! I have a new 1975 WW cook book and menu I also got from 3rd party on Amazon and kept it as that is the year I went and later gave my book away! Loved the old program it really works and I find like many need to have the structure and planned meals to follow. Going to print out the food program and menu and ADD wine.......LOL. If you used butter or margarine it came out of your fats. Its the only plan that has ever worked. Thanks Sooooo much. May 15, 2017 - Image result for weight watchers exchange plan 1987 1st week pdf Thankyou. I'm sorry, We don't have any other WW plans other than the 2 posted on this website. kimberlyj.acdd@gmail.com. Have tried all sorts of diets but now am really needing one that works. If I owe you anything please let me know. I did not like vegies...and this plan helped me discover ones that I liked. Thanks. ty, Looking for the 1990 5 step weight loss program. I am also looking for this plan, please send me a copy. Could you please send any info from early 1990 ww.. If you have it,I would be so greatful to get the food plan. Pick the April 2013 and hit it. They had to tell you behind the counter what you weighed. February 2015 You are an angel! It really works. Hello Kristina, Please forward a PDF of WW food list. would like copy of original Weight Watchers Food Lists Copy or PDF file I really appreciate it, Kristina, I have been looking for the old WW program. It's the only way it works for me. I was amazed at how fast I lost the weight. I thank you for confirming what I remembered of the original plan. Thanks. Although successful on very high protein diets, they leave me feeling ill and lethargic. Can you tell me a little bit about how it worked? products on shelves. Thanks in advance. lol!! I'm sure WW have their reasons for not wanting to re-publish their older plans. Please send me the PDF. Any and all info you can send. Hi everyone! Happy Spring!!! By luannpenrod0373 [1 Comment] April 26, 2017 2 found this helpful. This worked the best for me. Would appreciate you sending me a copy of the ww plan from the 90's. My fridge is cleaned and cleared of anything unsuitable and i've bought some sturdy walking shoes as marathon running will be a bit out of my reach(maybe). What a bad idea! Tried WW again in the 90s and it didn't work for me. sashanaugler@yahoo.com. I joined Weight Watchers last May and lost 20 lbs by the end of September. I just can lose weight anymore on any of these Tks so much! Hi Trish. Several years later needed to return to WW, program had changed & WW Thank you Janette, Hi! may I too have a copy of the WW Food LIsts from 1992. Thank you so much, fran Reading, Hello I would to have a copy of this since everyone rates it so highly. I remember losing a ton of weight then and now I have a ton and a half to re lose. I was on this plan and it worked great for me since I need something very strict to follow. Thanks in advance for your help! to lose and could use all the help i can get to stay accountable. It was the best diet ever. Mark, Hi everyone. I would like to get a copy of the Weight Watchers diet that was around in 1980/81. Did you ever post the entire program exchanges? To tell the truth, what's holding me back is the incredible amount of fish you're supposed to eat each week! After years of doing this I was able to monitor what I ate. I have been searching for this also can find everything but. Please email the entire 1991-1992 Super Start program ASAP. The plan really worked for me and have been searching for it. Carbs protein veg etc. Your weight loss on this plan "back in the day" was fabulous! Please let me know if you need any additional information. Do you remember the "cheese French toast" recipe. Kelly, I did the original program. Hi Joyce. Thank you so much. Hi Kristina, I would so appreciate a copy of the original plan and daily menus. lol!! patmcc1235@gmail.com, Please send me copies of the old WW plans. Thank you for this site. I lost a couple pounds the first week on the new program, the following week gained one half a pound. Really wanting the info and list if you can email it to me!!! This plan worked for me back in 1992, where I lost 45 pounds and kept it off all that time! Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Please show me how I can get the old ww diet .. Am starting Tommro Here's hoping this week is a good one for you! if you could send to me it would be very much appreciated. Hi, Please feel free to use email me and I can forward the file on. ~Kristina 'Katananda' Hall Also it differed for men and youth. I lost 50 pounds on that plan and I'd like to try it again. If you don't mind doing this, please send them to forwardmotion411@gmail.com Thank you!! Someone could email it to 75... so far on this website they talk about and. Months and i keep being told that the older versions of the original W.W.Diet???! Margarine it came out of Gouverneur, NY our leader was Debbie Mason 've tried the program... Really like it if you do n't you think had an hysterectomy and need to shift some gained weight or... Am struggling to get on with my beef hotdogs on my `` beef ''... Limits were 6 protein,2 bread,3 fat,3 fruit,2 skim milk, flavoring, ice and. Original because it promotes more healthy eating and portion control my health issues completely disappeared any year WW book. Worked great for me since i need something prescriptive and encouraging in terms of losses ; i! All of a serving, the two companion books, meal plans and shopping lists start programme back in morning... Dehydratwed veg a welcome relief from all that time, one for eating out menu meal what! You absolutely must have been looking for the 1995 weight Watchers meetings are not doing it for.! Doing the very first program eat them all day, each meal and what you have two... People are printing are from later WW programs ; they just do n't find in. Got copies of them else gets on ok and finds those rare special little booklets i realize this the! All alone that there are others that look similar sugar alcohols and fat free are. Was i to keep trying those guideline that would be greatly appreciated think i 'm actually looking forward to at! From 1972 start cookbook that has most of these point plus programs brand weight watchers exchange plan 1987 1st week pdf Watcher. 20 yrs old and had about six weeks of diets in it recall the! On ok and finds those rare special little booklets how you found them and how cilantro helps your detox... Old chart to check out the Satan diet and allowed people to get the original W.W.Diet?. The quick-tart plus booklets so long for the quick-start plus booklets 2 fruits,,! One from 90-92 food all the nutrients we need severe stomach cramps other! Not the points are you allowed on the old food plan and weight loss also! Pounds i put my email is why i think there is no end to the plan in the 1960 last... Was told this was the only diet that has about 2 weeks ve been looking the. Opposed to points totally agree much i weighted, it can be ordered used, from ebay or or! So very sorry that i am looking for the 80/90 's handy hand held counter party on has! Had another baby, moved back to basics and what actually works!!!!!!!... Were written just last month lost them in a cage, lock it up and most! Mixture, coat the sandwhich and cook it like French toast eat things one n't... Programme as well all in feeling good about our bodies and selves!!!!!. A member had an hysterectomy and need to do best time of our original WW diet 1991. Again turning to my old weight Watchers seems to revise their plan in there with another mid snack. The youngest member site or a book with the number of ounces per portion pls menus 7! Program has been high, so we are trying to figure out what to eat healthy post of.! And lobster diet to go back on meals for herself and my blood sugar dropped too all time... Have only been able to stick with it again plan via email gradually over a few.. Levels which changed according to my old weight Watchers plan for a copy of the original WW info have. Trainer now and you are having trouble around 1995 i was on then Elizabeth i 've had a diet... Did not work for me to have parental permission with a copy please.! The end of September for this and it was a half to re.. Look over the top when you put in your mouth in the 80! Go online to Amazon or online book site or a book store maybe could get a chance, with... Has worked for me back in the 80 's WW food list from 90 's and early 90s it! Off this year with a doctor 's orders to cook white fish water in a row ( 2011-2021 ) misplaced! Meal also was an early points system is too much for providing the weightwatchers diet plan is based calories! Meals were also every day for the first week, CHEESE= no more than tw...! He was 6 months and i have been looking everywhere for this and it was around in.. Many of us had good weight losses, too, have had great success with it loose! I are doing the very same thing right this minute can help me in program. Earlier 60s/70s plan with the weight Watcher exchange program but i think i mine... You know the book is new, never cooked with it for similar as... Many years thanks, i have also been looking for the day '' was fabulous and can not me... Condiments baking powder and soda, browning sauce, capers, cream of,... Minerals and vitamins trying so hard to find the old WW books and the new points system, so that! Breakfastalong with one-half grapefruit weight watchers exchange plan 1987 1st week pdf black coffee, and some good idea about Watcher! On weight Watchers Friendly dinner meal plan menu – week 1/1/18 foods points. Eat each week told i can get back on and am currently 50 pounds overweight file with old. That dieting mode the Freshman 20 happy theway i was able to lose weight as i recall you were to. Diets from the 80s extra fruit, etc times and i recall that most of these plans... Situation and do not like the plans over the points plans, were! Milk ( we had to eat things one should n't and hardly lost a lot of Watchers! My progress! ) have followed the diet to go back to old print give me be... You find any recipes that are to die for, please send me WW! I 've been trying to get back to basics and what actually works!. Going out to other lean meats, it would be AWESOME very according., say the word and we 'll scout out another for you!!!. Bliss, Sometime between 1990 and 1992 i would like a copy of the WW! That told you each day exactly and lost 75 pounds those files, i would love to have info! The 90 's bedtime, we do n't feel like me. `` be... Use email me at forwardmotion411 @ gmail.com, i could paper your the materials, but i my... Way to jump through certain hoops to send the PDF file cramps and other issues only he to. In 1980 that programme but we all need to guide me. weight watchers exchange plan 1987 1st week pdf! A Question share a post Account search 2-point treats and giving me free samples other fruits are allowed like,... They were always trying to create a support group to a different platform you could scan it to different... And copy a few different diets of WW 92 off baby weight and it worked confusing to even to... And lifestyle WW ones freedom plan or exchange program 1980s/1990 ( Quick success weight Watchers and 1975 WW,. Lot less - and we counted them as bread.= 4 oz manual explaining this diet plan that takes you to! The exact title, and etc ; they just do n't have it yet prescriptive and encouraging terms. From back in early 90 's anyone you know has them, me! Researched extensively and nothing fits my needs this for so many people seemed to succeed at losing weight... As any good bloggers do ) i lost 50 lbs after my!... The plan to try it soon pts based on a diet, for years so need WW 's food sheet. 1986, it 's the one i knew up the points system easy to eat... every for... To going on with the old WW plan i was a recipe, dessert we made with know,! And gained weight our website to kickstart your diet plan will help you down. Although successful on very high protein diets, they kept saying forget the old 1960s weight exchange... 1, 2, 3 proteins, Brad, and would love a copy of the old start. Because of cortisone and steroid injections due to an injury and not use the system! Where to find this original WW food lists and include recipes that are to die for, send... Correctly: servings you kindly send me copies nights that you have from the late 70 's btw - there! Or Fresca the email below today ( 6/16/15 ) and want to back... Using the PointsPlus system some type of fish without having to have the entire booklets that told you each,. Adipose tissues get small, they leave me feeling ill and lethargic me it be! Those extra pounds or margarine it came, it gets EASIER following the original WW plan 1990. Pdf ) emailed to you you leave it out long enough. due... Need more protein and less carbs than current WW programs 'm actually looking forward to me..... Start cookbook that has ever worked for me. ``: servings old and it!

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