Data Analytics

Business strategies in the digital world are never complete without the help of Analytics. The data you have at your hand can do wonders for your organization and the right approach of utilizing the data through Analytics will help you keep your noses ahead of your competitors in the field. Swartek specializes in different techniques of Analytics that help you to gain deep insights into your business, competition, and opportunities along with the identification of potential risks and threats.

Business Intelligence

BI solutions will help you understand the current standing of the organization and subsequently form effective improvement strategies. BI also helps you predict the future trends based on the available information so that one could identify the flaws and eliminate the inefficiencies going ahead.

Data Warehousing

Organization of the large amounts of available raw data of the organization will simplify the operations and further enable easy data management which inherently enhances the efficiency of the operations. Swartek makes use of smart solutions that enable fast and effective data warehousing for your organization.

Data Visualization

With Data Visualization, it is easier to analyze heaps of past business data making it simpler and faster to acquire insights into your current business trends and predict future trends. Swartek makes use of accurate and easily discernible info-graphics such as Tableau for you to interpret the data that is visualized. It helps you give a quick glance at immediate opportunities and form instant strategies to enhance business productivity and efficiency. We also make use of other well-reputed tools such as Domo and MicroStrategy Analytics for Data Visualization based on what suits best for the need.

Big Data

Swartek’s Big Data service offering helps you enhance the customer relationships with a deep understanding of the customer preferences, demand, and purchase patterns. Increasing the customer base along with retaining current customers is a great factor for a long term success of a business. And Swartek is here to assist you with a variety of advanced Big Data solutions.